STEM at Stalham

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM aims to encompass all of these areas within practical learning experiences that enable children to develop key skills such as problem solving, creativity and teamwork. As we are all aware, there are continual advances in technology which are changing the way we learn and interact every day, however, the skills developed through STEM learning provide children with the foundations to succeed at school and beyond. Within school, we set STEM based practical activities that are based around key curriculum objectives, however we would love these experiences to branch out to the home as well.

The first school day of each month there will be a challenge posted on the school’s twitter page and website with a full set of instructions. These challenges will cover all aspects of STEM and will require adult supervision and guidance to ensure they are done safely. Please feel free to approach the challenge throughout the month in your own, safe way (instructions are given as a guide), take photographs as evidence and post them on twitter for our learning community to enjoy or alternatively simply share your learning with your teacher or class.

As a reward for your STEM learning at home, once evidence has been seen, your class teacher will reward you with 5 merits. For outstanding scientific contributions, there may be the opportunity to be awarded the new ‘Stalham Scientist of the Month’ award.   

If you require any information from this website in a different form or language please contact the Academy