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Welcome to Stalham Infant & Junior Schools

Our Ethos and Values


We would like to welcome you to Stalham Infant & Junior Schools, sponsored by Broad Horizons Education Trust. 

Everyone at Stalham Infant & Junior Schools plays their part in achieving excellence for our children. Teachers, support staff, parents and the community play their part in shaping opportunities and offering guidance, support and challenge for our children to ensure they achieve excellence.


Education at Stalham Infant & Junior Schools creates children that are confident, articulate, polite and respectful. They are clear communicators and skilled in working with others. 

It ensures all children achieve better than their peers nationally in all key measured metrics and in their learning achievements across the whole curriculum. Year on year we achieve outcomes that are in the top 10% nationally, with all children at Stalham Infant & Junior schools benefiting; irrelevant of background or starting point. 


Our education helps develop families and their understanding of how to support their child's development. This is through regular and open communication with families, workshops, learning cafes, along with a high quality mental wellbeing offer. It also helps other professionals through our CPD (Continuous Personal Development) and school visit opportunities who in turn go on to benefit more children and young people. 


Through our approach of cooperative learning and ongoing formative assessment, children access a progressive curriculum that builds on prior learning. This takes the form of clear statements, linked to the National Curriculum, key vocabulary, prior learning and applied learning opportunities. 


Our team at Stalham Infant & Junior is full of skilled, caring and hardworking people. They are welcoming of change, challenge and professional development. They are valued, act on their own initiative and are willing to do extra to achieve our goals. Whether this be taking work home to provide learning resources for our children or spending their evenings supporting the school discos or performances. 


We only recruit people who are highly talented, extremely competent and possess impeccable character. They’re positive, confident and willing to learn and be part of our team approach. 


Our staff work in a culture where the wellbeing of all is the highest priority. They are able to support children who struggle at school, for example those who suffer with trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behaviour acts as a barrier to learning. They relate to children in ways that alleviate their suffering, support their learning and make them feel cared for and appreciated.


'Valued People, Successful Schools' is at the core of how we work and approach life at Stalham Infant & Junior Schools. This is the principle that all in our learning community are to be valued, looked after and supported. For our children, this looks like caring and supportive staff and approaches. For our staff, it means approaches that reduce workload, ensure work-life balance and give them time to do the best for our children. For our community, it is valuing the contribution that they can all make to the progress and outcomes of all associated with our learning community.

G Russell


Mr Glenn Russell

Executive Headteacher

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