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SEND Useful Information

Any parents seeking support for a child with special educational needs should speak to our SENCO or to your child’s class teacher. Parents may also find useful information within the links below:

Social Emotional & Mental Health

Children and adolescent mental health – local support

Advice and information for parents and young people/ children with a variety of mental health and wellbeing needs

NHS site helping children and young people to deal with mental health problems

Parents’ information page on ADHD

What is ADHD? Information for parents and carers

Information and advice ADHD and ADD

Autism information, advice, support

Local support and advice about ASD

Support for children and young people affected by other’s misuse of alcohol or drugs

Drug and alcohol services for children in Norfolk; for those using or affected by someone else’s substance misuse


Safe & Sound Treatment - support to find a life worth living without drugs and alcohol.

Victim support available for adults and children

Cognition & Learning

British Dyslexia Association parents’ pages

Dyslexia-Spld trust parents’ page

Website with support, advice and resources about Dyslexia

Information on Dyspraxia (also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder)

Website that explains how colour filters or overlays can help children and adults read better

Frequently asked question regarding use of coloured overlays or filters

Top Tips on Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Memory and Organisation

Speech, Language and Communication

Information, advice and support regarding children with speech, language and communication difficulties

Information on children’s communication

Physical and Sensory

Information, support and advice for families with deaf children

Sensory integration therapy for children – local support

Diabetes support website

Diabetes support website

Asthma information and advice

Advice section of website for asthma in children

Information and advice of support for severe allergic reactions

Advice and information on different types of allergies

Local children’s services which offer families access to a range of professional services

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