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School Council

The school council plays an increasingly important role in the life of the school. At the beginning of each academic year Y6 elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. To make up the rest of the council two pupils from every class, each term, are elected by class members. They need to show good communication skills, leadership skills and decision making skills. All these attributes contribute to promoting British Values. 


Our School Council consists of three working parties. Each working party is led by two Y6 pupils and a class teacher. The Y6 pupils will stay on this working party for the whole academic year. This gives a consistency to the school improvements, developments and targets throughout the school year.

At the first meeting of each term, class school Councillors decide which working party they would like to work with and where their strengths lie to develop the focused areas.

The school council have worked hard developing and promoting all learning environments around the school. They have been involved in improving our school through learning walks, promoting tidy cloakrooms, fundraising, and our interview process.

This term we will...

Learning Environment

At Stalham Infant & Junior Schools we want our school to have the very best learning environments around the whole of the school.


We do lots of different things in our role of school council, and we meet every few weeks.


During our meetings, our first job is to take part in a Learning Environment walk. For this, we walk around each classroom and corridor to look at the displays. We are looking for displays that showcase our wonderful learning, but also teach us new things too.

We think more care should be taken with displays, as they are an amazing part of our school..

From our walks, we create ‘questions’, and these questions are on display here in the hall. Each week, lots of you check the question and then search the school to find the answer. When you write your answers in the box don’t forget to write your name! A winner is chosen every Friday, and the winner then receives 5 merits! It is really important that you take part!


Another job that we do is check the tidiness of cloakrooms, and which class keeps theirs the neatest.  We are all responsible for our school.

Healthy Lifestyle

Stalham Infant & Junior Schools are a Healthy School. We need to ensure that we keep this status by working harder on monitoring food and exercise in school.


To achieve this we will:

  • To promote and monitor healthy eating at lunch and snack times

  • Generate healthy snack posters/leaflets

  • To develop and create ideas for Fruit Tuck

  • Plenty of soap in the toilet​

Behaviour, Safety and Community

At Stalham we endorse excellent behaviours for learning and know how to keep safe. Our community is important to us and we need to ensure we keep up our links.


To achieve these we will:

  • the school is safe.

  • people are polite and look after each other in the schools.

  • that people take all opportunities to learn.


We will do this by:

  • looking for people and situations that need our help.

  • reminding people of the correct behaviour.

  • being a good role model.

These initiatives have made everyone at Stalham be more responsible for the school, engaging with their learning all around the school. 

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