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“Everyone at Stalham Infant & Junior Schools plays their part in achieving excellence for our children.”

We would like to welcome you to Stalham Infant & Junior Schools, sponsored by Broad Horizons Education Trust, where 'Valued People, Successful Schools' is our ethos.

Teachers, support staff, parents and the community play their part in shaping opportunities and offering guidance, support and challenge for our children to ensure they achieve excellence.

Executive Headteacher – Mr. Glenn Russell
Deputy Headteacher and SENCO – Miss Ella Barnes
Chair of Governors – Mr. John Mules
Finance/ HR – Miss Emma Watson & Mrs Annie Cole
Receptionist – Mrs. Amanda Brothwood

All the above people can be contacted through the school office here.

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Report4support is an in school communication tool for non-emergency issues that you might wish for school staff to be alerted to; such as, non-emergency safeguarding concerns, worries about well-being and issues related to conflict or bullying. When we receive an email through report4support, we will respond to your concern as soon as possible and ensure that the concern is dealt with appropriately.

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